A few of my designs, to be added to as time allows.
Please contact me if you would like GemCad or Gem Cut Studio files for any of them.
One of the joys of faceting is the ability to create entirely novel gemstone designs. Below you can find some of mine. Others are also presented on the First Cuts and Art pages here. As stated on the Home page, for friends, family and clients many of the gems I cut are to unique designs. All  are optimized for best light performance and colour using the latest digital technology, namely GemRay and Cem Cut Studio. If you would like a bespoke design to celebrate and remember a significant occasion please contact me by email or phone.
Personally I like to see brightness and dispersion in the gems I cut and for day-to-day wear jewellery so do most of the ladies I cut for. Many of the designs below have been optimised for the optical properties of highly affordable synthetic materials such as Cubic Zirconia, Spinel and Corundum, all of which produce bright gems and which are available in a wide range of colours. Most designs can however be adapted to produce attractive gems in materials with lower refractive indices and which do not display dispersion. Many natural minerals cut as gemstones fall into this category and images of some can be seen together with the designs applicable to their properties.

Two of my recent designs.

Big Star is a tricky one to cut but lovely in this mid green CZ. A special request from the Secretary of State for War! Eight Steps provides a counterpoint for the pendant incorporating Big Star. It was designed to give big flashes of dispersion. It is better in reality than the computer simulation. The (far from expert!) photo below shows the final result.

My very first designs.

Mixed symmetry and they work!

Two versions of this cusheon design. Simple pavilion left, complex pavilion right showing differences in face up appearance. An animated rendition of Sally's design appears below. It's a great performer.

Please note that in Sally's design pavilion facet 2 meets with 1 - 3 - 4  have to be polished in for perfection.

Birthday gifts for two friends sharing Tapaz as their birthstone. Dark areas (head shadow) disappear when the stones are slightly tilted. See the News page for an image of Gilly's pendant.

Another birthday gift.

Two versions of the same design. On the left angles for higher RI materials, in this case corundum. On the right the same for quartz. Both have been 'manually optimised' in Cem Cut Studio. Somewhat surprising to me, the program retained my original pavilion angles but altered the crown angles. Both versions produce bright gems but over wider angles of tilt for higher RI materials.

Two pavilions one crown

Above, two crowns one pavilion

Another bright design for higher RI materials. The preform makes achieving the outline simple and straightforward.

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