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There are a number of faceting machines currently in production but most users agree that the Ultra Tec digital V5 Classic Faceting Machine is in a class of its own. I did a lot of research before purchasing mine but I wanted the best. I know I have it. I only started faceting when I acquired my V5 in December 2014 and am entirely self taught. My rise to competition standard and success is testament to the V5's ease of use and extreme accuracy.

Ultra Tec V5? No better. I love it!!

Ultra Tec precision cut faceted gemstones

In 2016, less that two years after I started faceting, I won the UK Facet Cutters' Guild's  Regular Competition with the stone on the right and a score of 96.2. In the same year I came second in the Open Competition with the stone on the left and a higher score, 98.69.

In 2017 I just came second in the Open with the stone in the middle and a score of 96.05. The winner scored 96.6, only 0.55 ahead.

Faceting is challenging, a joy and entirely attainable for everyone. 

Ultra Tec V5 digital faceting machine

The Ultra Tec V5 Clasic Faceting Machine, simply the best!

Ultra Tec Faceting bench

My faceting bench

Download the V5 Owners' Manual here.

While I wanted to start my faceting career cutting traditional stones with flat facets, albeit to novel designs as well as to traditional ones, there has been a upsurge in interest in so-called fantasy cuts employing concave facets. Here again Ultra Tec produce the best machine for the job.

Ultra Tec Fantasy concave faceting machine, Ultra Ted digital V5 mast

The Ultra Tec Fantasy Machine

Fantasy cutting involves the use of a conventional flat facet machine. If you do not have an Ultra Tec you will need the V5 mast shown above or the VL mast shown below as the machine is supplied without one.

For a short video visit this link

Ultra Tec concave cut gemstones

Fantasy stones by Ultra Tec users

New in 2020.
The ULTRA TEC VL Classic Faceting Machine

A new mast concept from Ultra Tec provides a more affordable option than the V5. The Ultra Tec VL Classic Faceting Machine is available with both analogue dials and with a digital angle display.

Ultra Tec VL faceting machine
Tltra Tec VL faceting machin mat with diital disply

For full product information, manuals and a price list visit the Ultra Tec website

For advice and further information contact me and see the Tuition page here.     +447860 499851

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