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UK Facet Cutters' Guild

2020 Open Competition

Lockdown had one positive outcome. Unlike 2018 when I had to rush my Open Competition entry and 2019 when I was unable to enter for a number of reasons, 2020 gave me an opportunity to spend some time on my stone and had it not been for one very small error when polishing a crown facet I might have done better than I did (99.39%). This had to be corrected by revisiting adjacent facets (I thought I had got away with it!) and it is testament to the skill of the judge (see comments below) that he spotted this and a number of other very minor defects that I was unable to detect.

There were eight entries this year and the results were as follows:

Tim Smith 98.81% but x 1.02 for degree of difficulty as his submission was cut in fluorite. Total 100.79%. Congratulations to Tim on coming a worthy first.

Steve Sweetman 99.39%

Jim Clark 99.19%

Aleksander Zunic 99.01%

Ivan Williamson 95.76%

Mark Nuell 95.22%

Jim Finlayson 90.91%

Mike Hitchman 84.54%

Here is the deceptively simple looking competition design and a photo of my entry.

Here is my score sheet and and the Judge's comments.

I like the comment concerning "a world class level of skill" but must do better!!

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